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We need your donations to keep up. The Kaharagian Foundation is looking to buy parts of Detroit, Michigan and renovate it into a sovereign principality. We aim to turn the once glorious city of Detroit, which has fallen into hard times and been abandoned, into a thriving destination. We believe in traditional monarchist values while being a progressive and free nation. We encourage multiculturalism, tradition and freedom. We want a rich nation where people have a second chance to fulfill their dreams.

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As a thank you to the donators, anyone who donates over $10 will recieve a handwritten letter from His Royal Highness, The Prince Maximilian of Kaharagia. If you have donated over $10, please include your address in the comment field through PayPal. If you have donated over $10 through BitCoins, send your address to donations@kaharagia.org. Any questions in regard to donations can be sent to this e-mail.

We can not offer refunds. In the event that money has been sent on your behalf without your consent, provide us with evidence of this claim and we will help you out.

We have $45 and we need $50,000

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Thomas Delage Nerault donated $25.00 to Kaharagia
Mathias L. Magnussen donated $20.00 to Kaharagia